Audio Mastering

Mastering is the process of turning a stereo mix into a finished product; a cohesive audio master version suitable for authoring to CD. Utilising a controlled monitoring environment and high quality analogue & digital processing, mixes are carefully treated to create final versions of commercial standard.

The process of preparing stereo mixes for final mastering involves the following stages:

  • overall dynamics processing (compression and limiting)
  • overall equalization adjustment
  • editing of track lead-ins & lead-outs (fade-in/fade-out curves)
  • compiling of CD track list
  • burning of a Red Book-compatible CD Audio master
  • auditioning and C1,C2,CU error-checking of CD Audio master

All CD Audio masters are written to premium Taiyo Yuden media, using Plextor drives and certified free from C2/CU errors, making them suitable for duplication.