How much will my recording cost?

Hourly rates for recording, mixing and mastering are listed on the rates page of this website. Basically, all client attended recording sessions at the studio (such as when actually recording vocals or instruments) are charged at the hourly rate. If your project requires a session at a bigger ‘live’ room (for drumkit, full-band or ensemble -e.g. choir- recording) then this is available from a minimum 3 hour session booking. Once the recording of tracks is completed, your project can be edited, mixed and mastered to CD. These elements are carried out in subsequent, client-unattended sessions at the standard hourly rate.


If you wish to utilise the location recording service, please contact BLS with the details of your project for a quote. All location recordings are discussed in full prior to the first session, so that the specific requirements of your project can be considered. Once the raw multi-track material is brought back to the studio for editing, mixing and mastering, the standard BLS rates apply.


For each project, a fully error-checked master audio CD (suitable for duplication) is included. Additional copies will cost £10.00

Backups of project data (such as the multi-tracks used within the mix) are available upon request at a cost of £35.00 per song/piece, transferred to client-supplied clean media (e.g. USB drive). This is recommended if the client wants to securely archive their project source material for an extended period.


If you need BLS to provide live guitar/bass/synth parts or drum/percussion programming for your song, these can be prepared in-house to your brief, for the studio time involved plus musician fee. It may also be possible to provide live drum recordings for your project with a professional session drummer – please enquire for pricing.

If your project requires the creation of original music, please contact me to discuss the available options.


If you are still wondering about the potential cost of your recording etc, drop me a message and we can discuss the specifics of your project. Obviously there is a correlation between the depth and complexity of a project and the required session time/cost, but even if you are working to a fixed or limited budget, please let me know and we can look at how best to realise your project.