All rates include engineer.


Please note that as a private studio, BLS is not available for ‘dry’ hire.




Recording at BLS (all client-attended; vocal tracking, individual instrument overdubs etc.):


£40.00 per hour


Location Recording at live room (for full bands/drum kits etc.):


from £60.00 per hour


(location recording minimum session time 3 hours)


Other location recording: please contact BLS to discuss your specific requirements



Audio Editing / Mixing and Mastering


Client unattended – £35.00 per hour (including media transfers, audio restoration, data backup etc.)



CD Masters and Data Backups


CD Audio masters – 1x included in each complete project; extra copies £10.00 ea. (premium media; Plextools C1, C2 & CU error checking)


Data file backup (e.g. project multi-tracks) – £35.00 per song/piece (file compilation and writing to client-supplied clean media/drive)