Audio Mixing

Once material has been recorded, it takes careful editing and mixing to turn raw multi-tracks into a balanced piece of music. Along with extensive experience of mixing techniques, Blue Lizard Studio employs a hybrid system of the latest software and high quality analogue hardware to put the vital touches to your recording.

Raw audio files are carefully edited to ensure that they are optimised for use in the mix. For each individual audio track this can include:

  • editing out unwanted/extraneous noise tuning/timing correction
  • dynamics processing (gating, compression etc.)
  • equalisation and tonal-shaping
  • application of effects

All aspects of track level, panning and other parameters are capable of being fully automated within the computer sequencer. Depending upon the nature of the project, mixes can be kept ‘In The Box’ (fully within the digital domain), or they can be summed ‘Outside The Box’ using dedicated analogue summing units and stereo processing, where discrete components and valve equipment can impart their distinctive sound quality.

If you have an existing set of multi-track recordings to which you would like to apply an objective set of ears and some professional polishing to achieve its full potential, please get in touch to have your project mixed by BLS.

BLS can also provide additional parts (such as live guitar, synth programming or drum sample replacement) to help augment existing tracks and to develop your song ideas.