Hi Rich, Just a quick message. Massive congratulations and thanks on the awesome job you’ve done with our EP, it sounds awesome and every one I’ve shown it to thinks you’re a genius, as do I!
Marc of Urnacation

Thanks Richard, it sounds great!
Mrs Jackson, Head of Dance at The Lindsey School & Community Arts College

Hi Rich. Just to let you know I think the recordings turned out great and I have had nothing but great feedback as regarding the production. Looking forward to recording again, Gary.
Gary Walton

Yo Rich! The recordings are mint! Love the new remixed Without You! All the Best, Chris
The Flyovers

Thank you so much for yesterday – despite initial nerves etc, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process…Love my CD by the way, thank you so much, you done good!!
Elizabeth Nelson

Thank you for the CD. I love it. Couldn’t have asked for anything more, Rach
Rachel Plotnek

Hey Richard it’s Jay, just wanted to say a big thank you it sounds great.
Jay Tyrer

Dear Richard, Many thanks for the finished result of my C.D. It turned out a real fine recording and many folks have complimented on it, and the feedback was all extremely positive.
Bob Lenny

Hi Rich, The recording is awesome. We couldn’t have asked for it to be any better. We love the electronic bit in the middle it fits perfect. Thanks a bunch and we hope to do some recording with you again in the future.
The Melophiliacs

Hey Rich, yeah they’re sounding great! Thanks again, looking forward to working on more stuff later on in the year. Cheers again, Nowhere Fast.
Nowhere Fast

Hey Rich, had nothing but good feedback and lots of it with ourĀ EP ‘Soul Journeys’. I think you’ve done a truly great job with it, it sounds beautiful and I love it.
Sam of The Accord

The CD is great thanks, my parents are raving about it to all of our family members!
Emma Ramsden

We are delighted with it. Thank you very much for the work you put into it to help make it a success… There are some really nice production touches which, rightly, remain unobtrusive but really add some richness to the vocal performances… Many thanks again for your work it really is appreciated.”
Jeremy, father of Toby Campbell

I’m very happy!!! Thank you very much!!!
Jan Kauza

Managed to get to listen to the tracks yesterday and we are absolutely delighted with them – thank you so much for your hard work! …Many thanks once again – we are getting great feedback and are delighted. You’ve not seen the last of us for sure!!!
Louise Hollamby

I’d just like to say that the demo is very very amazing and I would like to thank you on my behalf for your magic, you’ve really understood us and brought the songs to their greatest possible potential, thank you very much Richard
Sam of The Accord

Hi Richard, I just wanted to say thanks again for your efforts on Kiss In The Road. It sounds absolutely fantastic and we’ve had loads of good feedback so far… We are looking into releasing Kiss In The Road in the New Year as a single. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again and I hope you have a great christmas and new year!! Cheers, Dean
Dean of Just

Hi Richard. Firstly many thanks for a brilliant job on the Relish tracks CD. I am really impressed with what a great job you have done with it. I really enjoyed the experience of making it in such a relaxed and organised manner.
Pete of Relish (the band)

CD arrived. Just had first play through, sounds better than I recall! I’m very pleased with it. Thanks for your efforts. Cheers, Dom
Dom Freestone

The CD is perfect Rich, thank you so much 4 ur help at such short notice. Cheers, Warren
Warren Jolly

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for all the assistance you gave me whilst working on my project. My friends were really pleased with the gift and I am grateful for your support and help. I will recommend you to anyone who could make use of your service. Regards, Eve
Eve Darwood

Hi Richard, I am very pleased with it thank you very much! Take care, Louise
Louise Dawson

Sounds wicked! …We’re extremely impressed with the recording, and would gladly recommend you to others.
Rich Weeden of Impulse

Hey Richard I just wrote on behalf of the band to say thank you very much for everything you’ve done especially your guidance and help on the demo.
Sam of Garage Youth

Thanks very much for the CD everyone has commented on the mix. Just about to send it out to new agents. Hopefully it will get us more work. Kind regards, Keeley
Keeley of Relish

Many many thanks for all the work we are really pleased and I think a very valuable experience for Toby.
Jeremy, father of Toby Campbell

CD received yesterday. It sounds great, thanks for everything, Hannah and Matt

Firstly the CD was absolutely awesome and so was its presentation, so thank you, everybody loved it.
Bobbie Molle

We really appreciate the work you are doing for us… The tracks I listened to sounded great so I imagine the next master will be super. Look forward to hearing it. Cheers
Amanda Woodhouse